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It’s a digital world. Technology is a must, not a nice to have. No matter your size or industry, software has transformed everything you do and everything that’s expected from you by your clients, employees and partners.

At muljit, we are technology enablers. We help you use technology to go further, faster and are revolutionizing the way it’s done. Working hand in hand with our clients, helping you implement, run and maintain software solutions that will empower you to compete on a global scale, not just evening the playing field but tilting it in your favour.

We offer a multitude of service plans and on-off jobs to suit any needs. And best of all, our plans have no upfront fees, no long contract terms and are packaged to only include the features you need.



Users, Website & Emails


Everything you need to get started, including:

  • Emails & Calendars
  • Website Setup, Hosting & Maintainence
  • User Management
  • General IT Support
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Everything you need to start selling online, including:

  • Setup and Maintainence of online store
  • Setup and integration of online payment gateways
  • Integration with online account software*
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Sales & Marketing


Empower your sales & marketting efforts, includes:

  • Customer Relationship Management software
  • Website live chat and contact form
  • Google Analytics
  • Social media profiles
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We’ve been using Muljit since we first came up with the idea for our startup they have been life savers on more than one occasion! Muljit had helped us setup everything we needed to give our startup a professional front and solve any problems we had, be it setting up a video conference call with a potential investor or helping get our website up with only 24 hours notice to meet the requirements of our banking partners.
We couldn’t recommend Muljit enough!
Rob Fuksman
Stealth Startup
We moved to Muljit after having difficulties maintaining our website and email and haven't looked back since.
Muljit feels like any other department within our Company, having integrated exceptionally well and helping our employees smoothly perform their day to day duties.
Ahmed Omar
General Manager
We love Muljit and recommend it to any business looking to improve their tech capabilities. They've made all of our jobs much easier, one less thing to worry about!
Wael Abid

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