100 Reasons Why Muljit

At Muljit we eat, breath and sleep technology! We have 1s and 0s going through our veins! There are a 1000s of reasons why subscribing to our IT services is a good idea and whilst we can’t list them all on this one page, below we list the most common 100!

A World Class IT Department, at a Fraction of the Cost

We know technology. Like we seriously know it. We know the ins and outs of technology so well its bordering on stalking. And we don’t just know technology, we know how to successfully apply within the context of a business to help empower it, rather than slow it down.

Our founding team consists of a Software Engineer who’s worked on tools used by some of the worlds largest companies, a University of Oxford graduate, and a Microsoft Certified Professional in Customer Relationship Management systems, and that’s just one of them! ( The other is equally impressive, but in a finance way, so we just don’t let him talk to clients. We keep him in a room outback and throw granola bars at him to make sure our taxes get filed on time, “GET BACK TO WORK MONEY MONKEY!!!” ).

And our other team members are all also equally amazing. We have people from all parts of the world and walks of life, all with a single objective, giving you a world class IT department that would otherwise be reserved for only the biggest of companies with enterprise level budgets. True revolutionaries.

Empower Your Employees to Do More

When it comes to helping your employees do more with less, forget about the fancy coffee machine or morning yoga sessions. What they really need, even more than a clear mind and caffeine jitters, is access to world class technology that just works and helps them to do their job, but even better.

At Muljit, we ensure that’s exactly what they get. We setup, maintain and monitor your systems, ensuring it’s always on and always working. And if someone is having trouble getting anything working, then we’re always just a quick chat away, helping them get back on track to the task at hand. No more wondering why your website is down or if your emails are getting through, no struggling with outlook, no trying to figure out what’s wrong with the video conferencing link they just sent or why a PowerPoint presentation won’t open. Just access to always on, always working technology.

A Professional Digital Front

There’s nothing worse than wondering why you haven’t received an email yet, or why no one is able to find you online, only to realise that something somewhere had gone wrong and your customers have been told your mailbox is full or found your website to be down.

With Muljit, we help ensure you stay online. We constantly monitor all your services to ensure that they stay online, and should something happen, we are able to quickly identify it and fix it before it causes any damage to your business or it’s well deserved reputation.

A Personalised Approach

We know each company is different. At Muljit we take a personalised approach with each client. We get to know you on a deeper more intimate level, we try to understand you, learn about your needs and what would truly make you happy.

At Muljit we make sure to first truly understand your requirements and long term goals, and then offer personalised solutions that can not only meet all your current needs but be easily extendable to accommodate your long term ambitions. And as you grow and change, so does the service we offer you so that we are always there to support you in your ambitions and never slow you down.

Wondering Where the Other 96 Reasons are?

If so, you clearly don’t speak binary and all the more reason why you should definitely sign up today! Just fill out your details in the form below and we’ll get in touch right away.


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